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Name Express Namebadges

A name with a face makes a lasting impression.

Name Express In today's era of rapid change, some things need to stay the same. Your company's image and corporate identity are the foundation for any successful venture. That's why companies are serious about the image of their employees.

We offer professional name badges, nameplates, decals and signs to enhance the image of your employees and your company. Name badges made of highly durable materials not only tell others who you are, but project an image that you and your staff can be proud of.

Name Express We offer the most versatile styles of name badges that are guaranteed to suit any:
• Retail Business
• Trade Show
• Financial Institution
• Service Organization
• Church or Club
• Convention
• School

And for your convenience, Name Express orders can be ready in as little as 48 hours!

Multicoloured Name Badge Series
Our most popular style! With our endless array of colours, your name and logo can display an image that you will be proud of. Made from the most durable plastic, our name badges come with a choice of bevelled edges, rounded corners or plain cut. These come with a pin back or you can have magnets or clips.

Photo ID Name Badge Series
This collection accurately reproduces a photo of an individual in Black & White or in full colour. This is a great option where identifying the name badge with the wearer is important. It comes with a standard clip or an optional strap.

Top Brass Name Badge Series
For that distinctive and elegant look, our Top Brass badges are the perfect choice. These solid brass badges are available in silver and gold and in two different sizes. Your corporate and personalized name is permanently etched. Standard military clip is included.

Office Collection
Continue your corporate image throughout your office. With our office collection we can match your logo and colours to give you that consistent look. Desk plates, doorplates and name badges are available in various colours and sizes. For more information click here.

Framed Name Badge Series
The framed collection allows you to change your message, not the badge. Available in silver and gold finish, the framed name badges complement and enhance any image. Standard pin back is included.

Imagination Name Badge Series
Run wild with our custom shaped name badges. Different shapes and colours are sure to grab the attention you deserve. A straight or bevelled edge is available. Standard pin back included and magnets are also available.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.